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Kyle Stevens vs Big Sexy - Bodybuilder Battle 09

$ 31.59

Wow, talk about when two great wrestlers clashing. This is a battle, you will love to watch over and over.  Kyle's power vs Big Sexy cocky attitude and they both have great wrestling skills. It starts out with a lot of flexing and cocky talking of who is the better man. Kyle then attacks with a great amount of his power moves like choke lifts, bearhugs, and does his famous Saturday night ride move. He even gorilla presses Big Sexy over head for several reps which leads to more flexing but he gets totally interrupted by Big Sexy who starts smashing Kyle into his own moves, once he breaks free from Kyle's neck breaking full nelson. Big Sexy surprised everyone by gorilla pressing Kyle overhead. That was amazing to see and then Big Sexy starts working him over in several body scissors and a sleeper. This match was filmed 2 weeks out from Kyle winning a bodybuilding competitions he competed in back in August. So this is Kyle looking his best but he was a lot weaker from all the dieting which Big Sexy takes advantage of and you gotta see the ending. This match is a lot of give and take old school mat work and chain wrestling you will love.