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Diesel vs Kyle - Bodybuilder Battle 01

$ 25.95

Bodybuilding fans this is the match of your dreams! The power of Kyle with his massive thighs and huge chest to take on the 20 inch biceps of Diesel and his domination attitude. This is a GREAT battle, with awesome bearhug after bearhug. Kyle really tried to crush Diesel with his powerful scissor holds, but Diesel somehow got out and then did some power moves of his own that will blow your mind when you see this match. There are even a few choke lifts done to Diesel when Kyle catches him off guard and just lifts him straight up into the air, really impressive power! Diesel gets him back with neck crushing full nelson but that won't keep Kyle down. He powers out and takes Diesel down for a Saturday Night Ride that almost submits Diesel but he manages to break free. Kyle picks up Diesel and flips him over onto his shoulders setting him up for a Batista power bomb that just about breaks Diesel's neck, but our boy takes a licking and keeps on ticking, and after a brief pause to mentally focus the pain he jumps right back up and starts attacking. I showed this match to a few of my friends and they were blown away at how amazing both guys look battling it out. You rarely get to see guys built like this really tear into each other with great wrestling moves, so be sure to add this match to your collection.