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Johnny Bravo vs Frank the Tank - Bodybuilder Battle 10

$ 25.00
$ 31.25

The wait is finally over you can now watch two of the largest bodybuilders in Thunder's Arena clash and try and destroy each other. What you may not know is when Frank came into Thunder's Arena he thought he was going to be the biggest and the most cut wrestler on our web page. He had not found out yet about Johnny Bravo. So Frank has been running his mouth behind the scenes saying he is the greatest wrestler Thunder Arena has to date and Johnny's ears heard the gossip behind his back. You don't talk about Johnny Bravo without him having the guts to confront you to your face, will this match was filmed right after that confrontation off camera and man you can just see the intensity in Johnny's eyes out to destroy Frank. They start with a flex off to see who has the best posing for bodybuilding. They don't say anything and just jump right into the tie up and the battle is on. Johnny scores a quick takedown but the power of Frank really starts to counter him and challenge Johnny. He cranks up the intensity and you can see the power and attitude in his eyes starting to crank up in both men. There are neck breaking full nelsons, which you won't believe how massive these guys arms are while they are flexing to fight out of them. Bone crushing bearhugs as they try and get the other to submit all the while they both show off to the camera with there cocky attitudes and flexing who has the ultimate power and strength. You'll also see a few boston crabs, Saturday night rides (aka spladle), and a lot of side headlocks as they fight for postion to get the submission. And fight they do, you'll have to watch close because it happens so quick but Johnny gets so frustrated at this one part he snaps a little and just smashes Frank's head into the mat outta anger. You'll see them both trying to get the other in a sleeper hold but they are sweating so much they find it really hard to lock it in. So who's going to turn out to be the ULTIMATE bodybuilder of Thunder's Arena? Well you'll have to watch and find out.