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Johnny Bravo vs Powerman - Bodybuilder Battle 11

$ 31.25


Powerman had a crazy match up against Tony in Mat Rats 16 and he NEVER wanted to be put in that situation again. So he asked Johnny Bravo to teach him some new moves. Bravo seems to really respect the kid for his bodybuilding and gives him a lot of compliments. They do some flexing to show off there muscles to each other but Johnny Bravo wants to teach the rookie kid how to wrestle better. He shows him how he does his powerful bearhugs and full nelson's to crush and put an opponent in pain. Powerman, our newest rookie, tries to return the power moves on Bravo with bearhugs and full nelsons that really are quite comical to watch. They start to do a little live wrestling around and Johnny puts him in his world famous bodyscissors and starts to rough the kid up and shows off by flexing. You can just see the wheels turning in the kids head as he starts to wonder if his teacher needs to be humbled. This ending shown on download and DVD was not featured in our Thunder TV match now showing. We cut it short and you can watch the full match all 27 minutes of it that you never saw on Thunder TV. All I'm going to say is if you love sleeper holds this is your kinda match because Powerman learned a lot from Tony on how to sneak attack someone and get them down. You won't believe this new ending.