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Pitbull tortures Zman with a camel clutch submission in Thunders Arena

Zman vs Pitbull - Bodybuilder Battle 15

$ 31.25

A new rookie wrestler called Pitbull has hit the ground running! He has a very good background in wrestling and MMA so he knows how to hit the ground and roll around for the submission. We have not seen anyone use the guard potion as much to get submissions. He is only about 5'7" tall but he is 172 lbs of rage and amazing technique. He knows how to use his hips to get the advantage in the mat and take you down. Zman was very frustrated by how things went in this match. He starts out doing classic old school high school wrestling by starting the match in a refree position to give the new "little" guy all the chances he could but Zman quickly learns that Pitbull doesn't need help when it comes to using his legs as weapons and trapping someone off guard. This is a lot of technical mat wrestling in this match with a lot of rolling around on the mat trying to get various holds and submissions. There is an awesome gut punching part to this as well where Pitbull TEARS into Zman's abs and just punishes him. This new guy stepped up to the plate and really delivers a blow to the ego of Zman. Who will win? Well it's going to be an exciting match to watch with a lot of back and forth. YOU fans who HATE to hear Zman talk will love it because Pitbull doesn't let Zman talk a lot, he just goes delivers the PAIN! This is a 30 min match.


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