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Zman vs Johnny Bravo Ultimate Rematch - Bodybuilder Battle 17

$ 34.75

The Ultimate Rematch is a 35 minute match between 2 of Thunder's Arena's biggest stars! This match first happened over 2 years ago in 2008 and since then these two have been bugging Mr. Mike to make a rematch happen. Zman can't handle Johnny Bravo's trash talk about how he is the greatest when everyone knows Zman thinks he's the greatest! Zman tries to surprise attack Mr. Bravo, but Johnny quickly brings him to the mat and puts him into a bone crushing ankle lock. Zman is visibly upset and continues to try to get Johnny Bravo to the mat, but instead ends up getting picked up by the amazingly powerful Johnny Bravo and slammed right back into the mat so hard he actually bounced. Mr Bravo shows no mercy and continues to slowly dominate Zman, tossing him around from side to side while locked in a full Nelson and eventually flinging him to the ground, laughing at the noice his neck makes as it snaps back onto the mat. Not discouraged Johnny Bravo's power, Zman tries to bear hug him but ends up with his head touching knees being bent into submission after Mr Bravo puts him into one wicked cradle. Zman somehow manages to find himself trapped between Johnny Bravo's massive thighs having the life squeezed right out of his head. He eventually escapes but winds up with a wicked headache. This match is brutal to watch such domination of a pritty boy model...again! You will see all your favorite domination moves like head scissors, body scissors, and dragon sleepers, but also a fireman's carry, lift chokes, arm bars, ankle/leg locks, and much more! These two first battled it out it has grown to be our best selling match ever, now in the rematch Zman has told us he had a plan to bring Johnny down, you'll have to see what happens in the 3rd round of when Zman get's some revenge.