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STL vs Cameron Mathews - Bodybuilder Battle 21

$ 25.95

Warning: AWESOME wrestling match ahead, by far Cameron's greatest match yet for Thunder's Arena! Get ready to be blown away. This match is really something different and very cool to watch. As you learn in the video preview Cameron and STL have words about going out to the clubs, that leads to an epic battle on both land and water. After Cameron and STL battle it out in the pool with lots of punishing holds, fist flying and wild submission holds like back breakers and racks and even a few drop kicks off the spa for good measure. Cameron does something so FUNNY to STL in the pool, I don't want to give it away but you won't believe your eyes! You gotta see this, don't miss it! Once the guys get drived off they take their battle onto the mat. You'll see STL put Cameron through some tough submission holds like body and head scissors, he gets racked not once but twice! Plus over the knee back breakers, school boy pins, boston crabs, and a camel clutch that almost leaves poor Cameron in tears. I bet he wished he didn't push STL into the pool after this hold! The ower and intensity shown by STL is amazing in how focused he can become on destroying Cameron, even knocking him out cold with a PILEDRIVER that is not to be missed...