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Conan vs Cameron Mathews - Bodybuilder Battle 24

$ 34.75

Conan is back and this time he takes on Cameron Mathews our independent pro wrestling star. Cameron has been training the guys privately but had no idea Conan was showing up today. Once they hit the mats Cameron finds out really quick how much POWER Conan has because he's crushed by a few forearms across the back. That leads Cameron to make some of his famous funny trash talk come backs, only to find himself trapped begging for mercy in a powerful bearhug. Conan goes on to just lift and crush Cameron's back in an over the shoulder back breaker followed up by slamming Cameron to the mat FACE first. Conan has been getting more and more brutal with every match and in this one he wants to leave a mark on Cameron, mostly by crushing his head between those massive thighs. Cameron gets chock slammed after being lifted up by one arm. Then he tries to hold onto the support pole to stop Conan from giving any more beatings. Still Cameron gets ripped off the pole and slammed into a vicious full nelson that leaves the poor boy screaming for help. Once Cameron breaks free he tries to do a flex off with Conan, basically mocking all bodybuilders. That leads to him getting his head knocked off with a vicious clothes line so hard hitting that it makes Cameron do a complete flip over landing on his face into the mat!