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Ace Hanson vs Cage - Bodybuilder Battle 25

$ 34.75

Ace Hanson is back this time to his old shaved self. He really has changed since the incident with Angel. He has taken on a whole new personality and this time he's out for someone bigger than Angel, the new rookie Cage. Ace is under orders from Mr. Mike, our producer, to teach these new rookies like Cage and Uno a lesson of respect. These two start out having a grappling session but it turns really intense quickly. Ace doesn't like new guys so he decides to show him a lesson. Numerous bearhugs and smashing holds are used where these two grapple crushing each other with various arm bars and leg holds. If you like to see guys work from guard you will find a lot of this in this match. The head scissors Cage gets on Ace almost had us thinking he was going to tap out but Ace grinds his way out of it and comes back to full mount putting Cage in some intense choke holds. The various sleeprs attempted by both guys would make any grappler proud. After they compair bicepts on a break things heat up even more with intense head scissors and grinding full mounts that show these two mean business. Ace just likes to use his chest as a weapon and crush people with it on the mat as he head locks them on the mat. The big shock in this match was how brutal Ace gets in his use of various holds. He puts Cage in a rack that really was brutal to watch and hurts his lower back. That doesn't stop Ace from going back after his lower back again and again in various holds and positions, making Cage almost beg for mercy in the end. This match is 30 min long.