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conan johnny bravo camel clutch submission hold submit

Conan vs Johnny Bravo - Bodybuilder Battle 26

$ 25.95

The Epic battle begins...Johnny bearhugs Conan, then Conan bearhugs Johnny. Johnny swings Conan around and traps his head between his thighs and picks him up by the waist and pile drives him onto the mat. He grabs Conan by the arm and locks him in a standing armbar. Johnny headlocks Conan and flips him onto the mat. After picking Conan up off the mat, Johnny lifts him up onto his shoulder, carries him around, then drops him down onto to his knee in an over the knee back breaker. They continue to wrestle around on the mat until Johnny puts Conan in a camel clutch. Conan finally has enough of Johnny's abuse and clotheslines him several times. He picks Johnny up off the mat and bearhugs him from behind. The two wind up standing back to back and Conan locks Johnny's arms with his own, then bends over so Johnny is trapped by his arms, hanging on Conan's back. After Conan drops Johnny, Johnny comes back and bearhugs Conan. After carrying him around for a minute, he drops Conan onto the mat and chokes him. Conan gets free of the choke hold and leg scissors Johnny around the waist.

Johnny eventually breaks free from Conan and they wrestle around on the mat until Johnny pulls Conan's arms back in a surfboard that he turns into a camel clutch. Conan gets control by elbowing Johnny in the stomach and picks him up in a reverse bearhug. After a few more bearhugs, Johnny punches Conan in the gut and knocks him down. He picks Conan up and puts him against the wall and starts gut punching him. After punishing Conan for a long time, Conan rushes Johnny and picks him up, then throws him down on the mat. Johnny hooks his leg around Conan's knee, knocking him down and then continues to trap Conan's leg with his own. After he lets go of Conan's leg, he grabs his arm and twists it behind him, then moves around and picks Conan up over his head. After he drops him on the mat, the two of them dance around a bit, then lock up. Johnny gets the advantage and grabs Conan by his sore arm and twists it again. He picks Conan up again into a fireman's carry. When he drops Conan on the mat, he grabs his arm again and rests his knee on it, with his full weight bearing down on it. Will Conan give! You'll have to see this match to find out!