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Sledge vs Eric Fury - Bodybuilder Battle 27

$ 25.95

Sledge and Eric Fury are old friends that used to wrestle all the time. Now they are back together and are talking about old times while comparing muscles. They tie up and start wrestling around on the mat. Sledge rolls Eric back onto his back, which shows off his amazing abs. Later he pins him in a schoolboy pin, then pulls him back in an ab stretch that causes him to crush Eric's crotch with his leg. Eric gets back at him later with a leg scissors that traps Sledge's face with his powerful thighs. He hold Sledge's head in a scissor hold crushing him harder and harder trying to get the submission. Later you can see Eric's powerful chest as Sledge bearhugs him from behind flexing with all his might to get him to give up. He shows off Eric's abs with a chicken wing hold, then stretches him out again with a half nelson. Eric goes to the ground to get away from Sledge only to have Sledge get him in a painful armbar while he body scissors his abs. Sledge sits on Eric's chest taunting him to give up, but Eric surprises him, by slapping him off his chest. Sledge climbs right back on top of Eric's back and wraps his arm around Eric's neck. They keep going with Sledge lifting Eric over his head in a choke lift, which shows off Sledge's powerful chest. Later, Eric gets Sledge in a headlock, then a scissor hold that shows off Sledge's fantastic abs. Sledge picks Eric up in a fireman's carry and walks around the mat with him draped over his shoulders. Later Eric has Sledge on the mat between his legs in a chin lock and again, we see Sledge's great chest and abs. There is an amazing sleeper scene in this match that will blow you away when you see who is suffering and for how long. The amazing action between these two super hot wrestlers doesn't stop all the way to the end.