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cameron matthews max muscle camel clutch submission hold submit torture vicious Thunders Arena

Cameron Mathews vs Max Muscle - Bodybuilder Battle 31

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

Cameron Mathews interviews newcomer Max Muscle. He makes the mistake of asking where the scars on Max's chest came from and after a few more insults, Max's temper takes over and he drags Cameron to the mat. After dragging Cameron around in a headlock, Max begins to throw him around the mat, torturing him relentlessly. Max then picks up Cameron over his head and throws him to the ground like he's an insect. Then proceeds to put him into a camel clutch and torture him while no mercy. He then picks Cameron back up over his head and to show his brute strength. bench presses Cameron over his head. After a minor workout he throws Cameron to the floor and puts him into a Body Scissor, and begins squeezing him. Cameron tries desperately to get free but with no success. Max's anaconda thighs hold him there firm and begin squeezing the life out of Cameron. Even after several gives from Cameron, Max is still not ready to let Cameron off the hook yet. After a long squeeze, Max then switches it up into a head scissor and begins squeezing Cameron's head. Cameron tries desperately to get free, but with no success, til Max finally releases him. Then Cameron tries to put Max in several moves, but Max just swats him aside like a fly. Cameron tries putting him into a nelson and a sleeper and Max just throws him aside even while just sitting down on the ground allowing Cameron to think he's got the upper hand. Max, is just toying with Cameron and then decides to Bear Hug him, then lift him up and Body Slam him to the floor. Cameron begs him to stop, but Max then Bear hugs and slams him again. Cameron then lies to get Max, to stop the torture and tries to get away, but then makes an unwise move of revealing the truth to Max. Max's bad temper comes out again as he puts a back breaker on Cameron.

This match is non-stop torture on Cameron and is sure to go down as one of the most brutal matches we've had here on Thunders Arena.