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Cage vs Rex - Bodybuilder Battle 32

$ 18.99
$ 25.95

Cage flew down from Brooklyn because both UPS and the US Postal Service up north told him that hes too good looking to work for them. Or so he claims. Times being what they are, a man has got to take work where he can find iteven if it involves opening cans of whoopass on lesser men green enough to step on the mat against a seasoned killer like him. He looks down on his latest opponent like a small parcel he would just as soon chuck under the wheels of his truck and not have to lower himself to wrestle. Rex looks unimpressed with the trash talk Cage dishes out. The strapping Bostonian is eager to take the arrogant New Yorker and run him through the grinder. He packs shoulders that look like boulders and a background in the martial arts. Sparks fly way too close to the fumes when the two muscle men actually face off. Shoves lead to slaps, and slaps lead to a getting-to-know-you bear hug that would snap a normal man in half. But Rexs python arms dont faze Cage, and the taunts go on till Rex nestles Cages head between his biceps and ribcage and starts cutting off the big talkers air, in a calculated attempt to wear the man down. In a neat reversal, Cage is more than happy to return the favor, choking the dark-haired newcomer while he glares scornfully into the camera lens. The two men favor strenuous holds that shock the nervous systemstrangleholds, body slams, arm bars, chickenwings, and headscissors among themtaking a moment now and then to strike a pose that fills the screen with slabs of USDA prime beefcake. Cage peels off his singlet, all the better to get down tight on his man and try to snap a few tendons. These men pull a little hair, too. They do what they have to do to win, and that means theyll do anything. Gear gets stretched and snapped in the sweaty heat of combat, and soon enough the talking stops and the beatdowns are all thats left. In time, both bodies are flushed and glistening as the men pant for air while they do their damnedest to shatter each otheruntil, in a thrilling climax, one man wrenches a long, agonizing, and humiliating submission out of the other.