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Rex vs Sledge - Bodybuilder Battle 35

$ 31.25

Feeling a little tight in the shoulder after football, Rex calls in Sledge to stretch him out. But the two cant agree just how much give Rexs right arm should have. When Sledge pulls the arm a little too far up, Rex turns on him and slams him hard against the wall. Sledge thinks Rexs problem is Rex is acting like a jerk and needs to shut his trap for a second, and Sledge knows only one course of treatment for that. Sledge gains early control by locking Rex into a killer bearhug, his strong lats expanding crushes his opponents ribcage. Arms free, Rex wallops Sledge across the mouth, weakening the grasp and latching on to the mans lower back in retaliation. Sexy Sledge writhes and groans in agony, arching back as his arms shove against Rex's chest and chin. The strain and pain reach the breaking point, and Rex hurls Sledge to the mat. You shouldn't have done that, Sledge says as he gets back on his feet, eyes narrowing in on his opponents iron-built body, looking for someplace to land some more hurt. These two powermen trade full nelsons, clotheslines, armbars combined with bodyscissors, headscissors, and long punishing stretches. Excruciating stuff. Both men are big and brawny enough to power out of holds that would be guaranteed submissions for other wrestlers. Using what he knows from football, Rex tackles Sledge and drags him down for some serious sweaty, snarling, grinding work on the mat. In turn, Sledge uses his broad shoulders, hard as anchor chain, to punish Rex in a firemans carry that's clearly designed to add even more pain to the pulled muscle in the mans right shoulder. Both men do not take it easy on each other. The two men battle neck and neck until the end.