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The Return of Diesel vs Angel - Bodybuilder Battle 37

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

Diesel is back after a year and pumped up and ready to rumble in Thunders Arena. However he becomes upset when the guy that shows up to wrestle him is Angel. Diesel is upset that a "cheeseburger" showed up to wrestle him and decides to take his frustration out on Angel. Diesel makes quick work of Angel tossing him around the mat and taunting him. Angel try's to hit Diesel with a clotheslines without phasing him. Diesel catches Angel and hits him with a back breaker. Angel gets up, and try's to put Diesel in a full nelson, but Diesel is just to strong for Angel to handle. Diesel spins out of it and puts angel in a choke hold. Angel is definitely feeling the pain after Diesel puts him thru a Body Scissor and his famous Camel Clutch move. After a kick to the stomach Angel is really feeling it and needs to act quick if he is to attempt to win this match. Angel quickly gets a leg lock on Diesel and brings the mighty man down to the mat. Then try's to bend Diesel's arm behind his back. Guess he forgot about Diesel's strength. Diesel quickly gets out of the hold an throws Angel aside like a rag doll. Angel quickly puts Diesel's head locked into his legs, and then into a Camel Clutch of his own. After a few shots to the back and some great ground work by Angel the tides seem to be turning in Angel's favor. Will Diesel's strength and raw power end up finishing Angel, or will Angel's technique, skill, speed, and experience be more than Diesel can manage? You'll have to watch this exciting, action packed match to see how it ends.