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mario the boss full nelson submission hold submit pain torture thunders arena

Mario vs The Boss - Bodybuilder Battle 41

$ 25.95
$ 31.25

The Auditions are over for these two, its time to prove that they have what it takes against each other and in coming matches against the other wrestlers of Thunders Arena. The Boss thinks he is the best there is and with his New York state of mind, nobody from Jersey is gonna beat him. Mario on the other hand, has other plans. Both are set to make sure they give it their all to make sure their first real match in their wrestling careers starts off with a win. The Boss starts off the match using his brutal strength picking up Mario over his shoulder and carrying him around the mat like a rag doll, before slamming him to the ground. He then gets on top of him and holds him down while talking trash to Mario. Mario manages to get free and push the Boss away. He then gets The boss into a powerful Full Nelson. Even with all his strength Mario, can't manage to hold the Boss, who counters with a Full Nelson, of his own. They trade bearhugs back and forth and they both are all about showing off the power! Then more flexing and trash talking followed by more scissor holds and body locks. You don't want to miss who's attitude is going win? Bronx, NY or South Jersey.