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Crush vs Lewk - Bodybuilder Battle 42

$ 34.75

Veteran Lewk walks in wearing a black vest, money tie, and black shorts. He welcomes the newbie Crush to Thunder's Arena. "What's up with this outfit. Look at that tie. You think you're made out of money?" Crush calls Lewk a dweeb. The veteran tells the rookie he's "all brawn, no brain!" The giant is getting angry. "You wanna go now? Come on big guy. Are we in KB Toys, cuz I got a big ass teddy bear standing here talking to me?" Crush is NOT intimidated, "More like grizzly bear!"
The wrestlers move to the mat and are now dressed in their trunks and flex off. Crush is MASSIVE. His arms are so big; he has a PARAGRAPH tattooed on his arm. The giant looks at Lewk's arms, "You're scrawny little ass. Those are like 14's?" Lewk calls Crush's arms squishy and pipe cleaners.
Both tie up. Crush gets a takedown, but Lewk gets right back up. They lock up again, the giant EASILY picks the veteran up and SLAMS him down FOUR TIMES. "You can't hurt me!" yells Lewk. "That's all you got?" Crush keeps picking Lewk up and THROWING him down. 
"You're skirt steak. I'm filet mignon!" says Lewk. Crush picks up the veteran on one shoulder, SLAMS him down, and locks in a TIGHT cradle. The giant isn't used to this much cardio and is winded. "You tired big guy? Am I too big for you?" laughs Lewk. Crush picks Lewk up in an UPSIDE DOWN BEARHUG and THROWS him down! Crush is gassed but keeps Lewk pinned to the mat. 
They lock up again. "Where's the beef?" asks Lewk. Crush holds one arm mocking his opponent, "You can't even move anywhere!" The muscle giant delivers not one but two MASSIVE front bearhugs. Lewk is MOANING in pain. "You can't get out, can you? Too much pain for you! I've got a grip like chains. You're not gonna break chains!" Crush throws his victim down and victory flexes.
Lewk JUMPS on the giant's back and locks in a SLEEPER. "Do I got a fly on my back? This is nothing!" He flings Lewk to the ground. Crush lays on top of Lewk and does push ups on top of his body CRUSHING him!
The giant puts Lewk in a SKULL-CRUSHING head scissors then takes it to the mat with the scissors locked in. "I can take a nap like this!" says Crush. Lewk is moaning in pain. "Tap out!" The veteran taps, but the giant keeps his hold on a little longer for more pain!
Lewk recovers, JUMPS on the giant, tries for repeated pins, but only gets 2 counts! AMAZINGLY, he picks up Crush in a FIREMAN'S CARRY and SLAMS him to the mat. He tries for an arm bar. "You ain't got me!" says the giant as he flexes his BOULDER bicep.
Crush CHOKELIFTS Lewk then applies a MASSIVE front bearhug. He lets him down only to pick him up in another RIB-CRUSHING front bearhug! The giant isn't done and lifts Lewk in a TORTURE RACK! Is it lights out for the veteran? 
OUT OF NOWHERE, Lewk escapes, jumps up, and locks the giant in a MASSIVE sleeper hold. He begins to stumble, falls to his knees, and is breathing heavy! Lewk adds more punishment with a RIB-CRUSHING body scissor. "Count those sheep!" commands Lewk. The giant is fading fast. His BULGING biceps powerless when deprived of oxygen. Lewk is laying on the mat with the giant on top of him SQUEEZING with all his might! Will this be the ultimate comeback story? You gotta see it to find out!