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Crush vs Angel - Bodybuilder Battle 43

$ 25.95

Angel is not happy when first Crush shows up late, and then when Crush does finally show he decides to insult Angel. We all know Angel is not going to just sit there and take that kind of trash talk from a rookie and starts trash talking back. Crush thinks his size and strength is all he needs to defeat Angel, but Angel has experience, speed, agility, and muscle of his own. Crush gets tired of Angel's trash talk and surprises Angel with a choke hold, lifting him high above his head. After bringing him down twists Angels arm into an Arm bar. After torturing Angel, for a little while, picks him up into a bear hug and then slams him to the floor. Angel sprints away unshaken by Crushs attempt to dominate him. Angel throws out a few more taunts and Crush gets angry and trys to grab Angel. This time though Angel just keeps dodging his grabs, keeping Crush running in circles. This just makes Crush madder and more determined to catch Angel. After awhile Crush finally manages to barely grab angel by the arm and picks Angel up over his shoulders. Then slams him down after doing a little workout with Angel. Angel just continues with his trash talk and Crush decides to shut him up with another chokehold. He then slams him down and puts Angel into a Head Scissor. After a little torture he goes in with some gut punching and then slams Angel to the ground. Crush feels this match is pretty much over, but for Angel its just beginning and he surprises Crush with a sleeper. Will this match end before it begins or will Crush, get out of it and the domination of Angel continue. Watch to find out  the exciting conclusion of Crush versus Angel.