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Johnny Bravo vs Angel - Bodybuilder Battle 44

$ 31.25

Attack of the big man on the little guy! You have asked and asked to see Angel take on Johnny Bravo and now we have delivered! This match has been over 2 years in the making! Angel is ready to take on anyone who stands in his way and Johnny is on a rampage of destruction. Johnny is a massive powerhouse of form and attitude and is taking NO PRISONERS OR ATTITUDE FROM LITTLE BOYS. Angel is off running his mouth for his next match, going up against Rex, when Johnny hears him trash talking that there are no challengers for him. When Johnny busts up the interview, the WAR of WORDS is over and it's all about POWER! Johnny pins Angel to the wall like a fly with a choke hold and its 25 minutes of NON STOP DESTRUCTION and DOMINATION! Johnny throws Angel around, choking the breath right out of him in several holds like camel clutches, Boston crabs, body scissors, head scissors, and bear hugs. I swear he likes to make Angel turn blue with all the choke slams. Angel is left gasping for air after several moves but just keeps trying to get up and deliver an offense. He runs dead on into Johnny's power getting thrown up into a gorilla press, high over Johnny's head. Crashing back down to the floor, Johnny's massive arms just keep squeezing the life out of little Angel, crushing the little guy, and trying to make him beg for mercy! You have to watch to see if Angel gives Johnny what he's after!