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Cameron vs Rex - Bodybuilder Battle 45

$ 34.75

Cameron gets the urge to Sumo and calls Rex in to lend a massive body to the mix. Sumo just doesn't seem to work out that well for Cameron as Rex tosses him around like a rag doll. Cameron resorts to his favorite cheap shot, a shot to the face, and puts Rex on his knees. While Cameron poses and brags to the camera, Rex takes his revenge. He picks Cameron up and slams him down on his knee and then drops him into painful body scissors. Rex literally wipes the floor with Cameron while he yells in pain. This battle is LOADED with punishment and pain. Rex hits Cameron with neck chokes, body slams, head slams, ab punches, kicks and bear hugs. Cameron takes all this brutal punishment and even manages to dish out some of his own. He bends Rex over his knee for an excruciating back breaker and then is all over Rex with pec claws, kicks, stomps and finally breaks out the painful Boston Crab! The little man seems to be able to give as good as he got, but Rex quits toying with him and proceeds to bend and break Cameron with more body scissors, head scissors, ab punches and has him begging for mercy, not once, but TWICE!.. You have to see how this one ends!!