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Boxxy vs Angel - Bodybuilder Battle 46

$ 25.95

This mash-up with Boxxy and Angel is a classic run of David vs. Goliath. They circle each other, throwing taunts back and forth, looking for openings to begin. Boxxy gets bored with the circling and invites Angel to start things off with his best move. The wary Angel doesn't fall for that, so Boxxy just jumps him, and picks him up in a powerful bearhug with very little effort and squeezes the life out of Angel. Angel gets free and kicks Boxxy in the abs to bring this giant down and puts him in a head lock and arm bar that has Boxxy in agony. Boxxy flips the momentum with his incredible bicep power, and puts Angel down, using arm bar, arm lock, chicken wing and leg locks. Angel may not understand Boxxy's accent, but he sure understands his power and strength! The battle shifts after yet another kick in the abs from Angel and he gives some lessons in strength and power all of his own with head locks, schoolboy pins, and double arm locks. These two take and give punishment like veteran warriors. Boxxy breaks a full nelson with his powerful chest and reverses the tide, picking Angel by the throat and slamming him to the mat! Watch the muscles flex while Boxxy power presses Angel above his head. Watch and see if this classic match-up ends in the age old fashion of the little man triumphing over the mountain of rock hard muscles!