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Johnny Bravo vs Dominic - Bodybuilder Battle 47

$ 25.95

Dominic's doing pushups on the mat, Johnny Bravo's self proclaimed territory, and JB decides to take the smack talking youngin to school. Dominic interrupts JB's posing with some of his own, further infuriating the experienced mountain of muscle. JB starts class with a full nelson and gives an advanced class in pain and punishment with head locks, cradle lifts, body slams and pec claws. Durable Dominic still hangs on, and still talks a big game, so even with no bell, recess is over and professor JB puts the educational hurt down on Dominic with more bear hugs, skull claws, body scissors and has him begging for class to end with a power body lift to body slam! Watch a full education of bone breaking and body bending with these two going head to head!