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Dallas vs Coupe - Bodybuilder Battle 48

$ 31.25

Who is the Bigger Loser? Dallas feels he is a better "Loser" than Coupe. So they begin with comparing previous matches. Dallas says he's been used as a mop, and been made a slave. Coupe says he has had a sub smashed over his head, and been humiliated over and over again. Big sexy is willing to help with both their loosing streaks and places a $500 reward for whoever can win in a match between Dallas vs Coupe. With such a reward on the line all the stops are getting pulled out and their are some unique moves used to try and get the upper hand. Bear hugs, Slams, Camel Clutches, Arm Bars, and more are used in this match in order to get that submission. Don't miss this action packed match as Dallas and Coupe go all out on each other.