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Johnny Bravo Dallas figure four leg submission submit legs thighs torture hold

Johnny Bravo vs Dallas - Bodybuilder Battle 49

$ 31.25

Our webmaster's quote right after watching this match, "OMG, this is the BEST! I love how mouthy and relentlessly self-destructive Dallas is, as well as how consistently optimistic/deluded he is throughout!"

Dallas arrives and there is no one there to wrestle him. He paces back and forth waiting for opponent to arrive wondering who will shows up and why are they so late? We all know Dallas has a smart mouth on him and when he sees Johnny Bravo walk in he lets it fly. Dallas trying to fend off the big muscle stud by cracking jokes, you can see how frustrated and nervous Dallas is the whole match. It is a classic battle where the smart mouth kid has to take on the bully with big muscles! Johnny decides he's had enough of Dallas running his mouth and starts with the torture. There are Arm Bars, Chicken Wings, Bear Hugs, Body Slams, Head Scissors, Body Scissors, Full Nelsons, Choke Holds, Over the Knee Back Breakers, and even a Sleeper Hold in this match. But who will come out on top? Will Johnny underestimate Dallas, or will Dallas smart mouth make Johnny start laughing so he can get the advantage and turn the tide! You gotta watch this for the holidays, you'll love it as a classic!