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Johnny Bravo vs Boxxy - Bodybuilder Battle 50

$ 34.75

After some serious flexing, posing and showing off some incredibly massive muscles, Johnny Bravo challenges Boxxy to a body slam off. Boxxy seems to have trouble getting Johnny Bravo off the ground, while Johnny fully lifts Boxxy with ease twice, before finally getting the first body slam. Boxxy is not out for the count, quite yet, as he makes an attempt to get Johnny in a few holds. However Johnny is more experienced than Boxxy realizes and he ends up countering all his attempts. This lands boxxy in a lot of pain and punishment. Johnny Bravo twists Boxxy into head locks, sleeper holds, arm locks, head scissors, and ab stretches. He also tortures Boxxy with body slams, camel clutches, body scissors, head scissors, bear hugs, pec claws, and even a gorilla press. The torture goes on and on for Boxxy, but he's one wrestler who can take a beating and keep on going. Watch and see if bulging Boxxy can overcome Johnny Bravo's powerful attacks, or will Boxxy gain the upper hand?