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Johnny Bravo vs Muscles - Bodybuilder Battle 54

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

Things are not looking so good for Muscles. The new guys name says it all: hes built like a truck and comes to Thunders Arena with hopes of making as big a splash here as he reportedly made on his home turf in New Jersey. But besides being outweighed by over 50 pounds in his first bodybuilder battle, one look at his cocky opponent, Johnny Bravo, and Muscles confidence seems shaken. While Bravo boasts in an opening interview that he plans to take this kid to school, Muscles cautiously responds, with a dubious shrug, that hell try my best to see what I can do. The setup seems to spell squash job. And theres no doubt about Bravos alpha-dog status when he assumes immediate control of Muscles, even threatening to lop off the new guys head. With malicious glee, he subjects Muscles to a gauntlet of wrenching full nelsons, knee and elbow jabs, clutches, slams, headlocks, headscissors, and lots of arm wringing, even turning to the camera from time to time to ask the viewers to name what new abuse to inflict on him next. Not yet! he taunts the suffering newbie, repeatedly delaying the inevitable, perhaps to give the new guy a glimmer of false hope or perhaps to make time for some competition-level power posing or perhaps simply to prolong the wrestlers pain to sadistic lengths. When Muscles finds the steam to retaliate, Johnny Bravo seems impervious to the mans best shots. He all but yawns when Muscles clasps him in a bearhug that would crack most mens ribcages. From beginning to end in this harsh initiation to the Arena, Bravo keeps Muscles all tied up, both high in the air and flat on the mat, hardly once letting the man stand on his own two feet.