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Johnny Bravo vs Python - Bodybuilder Battle 55

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

What you doing on my mat, JB? Python demands. Wow, that Python is showing some attitude these days, isn't he! Were happy to see it, but in this case it may not be too healthy for the youngster not against a ton of bricks like Johnny Bravo. Long a fixture and fan favorite here at Thunders Arena, Bravos been around the block a few times, and one thing our veterans demand is respect. When Python self-consciously snickers at something JB says to the fans out in TV-land, Bravo turns on him and snarls, I didn't tell you you could laugh. A half second later, Bravo is busting Python in two, slamming him chest and belly down across his massive shoulders and were talking shoulders you could probably park some road equipment on, folks! Python grunts and squeals like a frightened forest creature trapped in a thicket. JB smashes him to the mat. Incredibly resilient (so far) Python hops back on his feet, and he and Johnny lock up. JB wrestles him down to the mat, properly this time, only to raise him back up and flatten him with a chop to the pecs. You're going to love this battle if you love headlocks, full nelsons, chokes, arm bars, small cradles, claw holds, and, inevitably, of course, bearhugs. Next to Bravo, Pythons vaunted pythons look like a couple of tree lizards, but he impresses nevertheless, especially when, at one point, he manages a short set of pushups with Bravos full 275 pounds resting on his back. Not to be outclassed, Bravo power-snatches Python up over his head, showing the upstart (and us fans) what a big-guy-versus-little-guy match is all about. In the end, Bravo works every last drop of fight out of Python, who, by the way, has been calling in sick for the past week now. (Come back, Python, please! We wont let the big bruiser hurt you again!)