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Johnny Bravo vs Kid Titan & Vinny - Bodybuilder Battle 57

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

Enjoy this special edition, 2 matches on 1 download and/or DVD.

Match 1 Johnny Bravo vs Vinny

Johnny Bravo is back and he's stronger and bigger than ever before, in his first match he takes on Vinny which turns into a huge flex off. Vinny is not impressed by Johnny Bravo size, he just keeps flexing and attacking with everything he has. Johnny Bravo gets extremely frustrated by the lack of respect shown by this new rookie that he absolutely grabs him by the throat and starts manhandling Vinny. You will see Chokehold, headlock, fire mans carry, camel clutch, body slam, test of strength, bearhug, body slam, full nelson, leg lock, and so much more!

Match 2 Johnny Bravo vs Kid Titan

Johnny Bravo takes on Kid Titan in a true epic big versus little battle. Kid Titan definitely looks nervous at the start of this match and acts way to cocky for person that accidentally put on Johnny Bravo trunks without permission. Johnny Bravo goes a little nuts and puts an extra hurt on Kid Titan for his disrespect. They do have an awesome flex off towards the end as they both compare sizes of muscles.