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Dominic vs Brad Barnes - Bodybuilder Battle 58

$ 25.95

This is the match you have been wanting us to create. Many of our fans have written in asking for more flexing and to have the guys compare size to see who is bigger. Well we did it on this match with 2 of our best bodybuilders. Matt has put on about 15 lbs more muscle and Brad Barnes has put on over 20 lbs of muscle since we last filmed him. So both these men were excited and ready to show off how powerful and big they were. So we decided to have a flex off and that erupted into a wrestling match of two stallions trying to out power each other with moves like Front headlock, full nelson, bearhug, body scissors, head scissors, firemans carry, leg lock, test of strength, gorilla press, choke lift, and mercy to name a few. You will have to write in and tell us who you think wins the flex off but I know your going to love seeing who wins the wrestling.