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Dominic vs Eric Fury - Bodybuilder Battle 59

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

Undefeated Eric Fury makes his return to square off with big powerful Dom the Dominator, who Eric dismisses as a typical meathead. Handsome tough guy Eric is looking as sexy as ever, with his amazing physique and celebrity good looks. These two gorgeous hunks spend a few minutes flexing and sizing each other up, exchanging grudging mutual admiration as well as wise cracks. Eric clearly is not intimidated by larger Dom, who he calls meathead bodybuilder and bicep boy. Eric abruptly ends the flexing session by clamping a crushing bearhug on Dom, asking the bigger guy how he likes it. Dom quickly retaliates and manhandles Eric with lots of bearhugs, full nelsons, backbreakers over the shoulder and over the knee, leg scissors, a crucifix, a humiliating school boy pin and some powerful forearm shots across Erics chest. The Dominator punctuates the beating with lots of flexing, putting his huge guns on display over and over. Doms punishment leaves handsome, muscular Eric crawling on the mat, trying to get to his feet. But the best is yet to come for Eric Fury fans, as the sexy, powerful stud shows hes not beaten. He turns things around quickly with a couple of moves. Then he humiliates big body builder Dom by sitting on him, flexing and dishing out some hard core trash talk, which includes repeatedly asking Whos the dominator? But does Eric remain undefeated? If you like decisive, dominant victories, the ending to this match is one of the hottest ever. Watch it to find out which of these powerful hunks walks away victorious - and who is left lying on the mat.