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Specimen vs Aiden - Bodybuilder Battle 60

$ 25.95
$ 31.25

This is a massive muscle battle with lots of bearhugs and body scissors and head scissors where two men with thighs bigger than most dudes heads go and see who has the more powerful legs. They also do a battle to find out who has a more powerful full nelson you do not want to miss.

When Big Boys Collide!
It's the 230lbs rookie Aiden vs the 250lbs veteran Specimen. A 480LBS BATTLE! The muscle giants tie up! Aiden shows his strength and picks up Specimen in a quick front bearhug. The veteran retaliates and lifts the rookie in a TIGHT rear bearhug. Specimen GROWLS while Aiden GROANS from the pain!
"It's a big boy. Not a little Specimen though!" the vet admits. Aiden picks him up from behind and THROWS him to the mat. Specimen recovers and TAKES DOWN the rookie. "Didn't see that one coming, did you?" Aiden gets Specimen in a RIB-CRUSHING body scissor. The muscle giant is MOANING in pain! "You lose!" says Aiden. "Not even close!"
Specimen ELBOWS Aiden's tree trunk quads to break the hold, rolls the giant to his back, and locks in a body scissor / sleeper combo. "That big neck's gonna go to sleep real quick!" Specimen releases the hold before the rookie goes out.
Both flex their mountains of muscle and PUSH each other out of the way of the camera. "You got nothing! You're supposed to be a specimen, you suck!" says Aiden. They flex their MASSIVE backs, which are so wide they can barely fit in the camera's view!
The muscle monsters lock up. "No use for you! You tired?" Specimen HEADLOCKS then lifts the giant on his shoulder BOUNCING him up and down! Aiden tries CLUBBING the veteran's thick back to escape and is THROWN down. 
Specimen tries for a full nelson, but Aiden flexes out. "Not bad!" The rookie gets the veteran in TIGHT standing head scissors. "Shit!" Specimen grunts, growls, and STANDS UP with the 230 pounder on his shoulders. "I usually put my little brother on my shoulders, that don't say much for you!" "Put me down!" Specimen THROWS him down and locks in a RIB-CRUSHING body scissor!
"Big guy's going down!" Specimen grabs Aiden's tree trunk leg trying to trip him but fails. Both muscle beasts roll on the mat. Aiden GUT PUNCHES and ELBOW DROPS Specimen. He plants his foot on Specimen in a victory flex. 
"Step on me?" Specimen is PISSED and takes Aiden down. Both lock up again. BEARHUGS, HEADLOCKS, BODYSLAMS, the POWER of these muscle monsters is INSANE! 
Specimen DRAGS his victim to the center of the mat. "Big ass polar bear!" He folds Aiden's tree trunk legs over in his face. "How you like that? Think you're big boy? Stretch it out real good!" yells Specimen. Aiden is practically EATING HIS KNEES but KICKS Specimen sending him FLYING to the mat. The veteran is HEADLOCKED and pulled on his back in a TIGHT body scissor / sleeper combo. The hold is released before the vet goes out. 
They lock up. Specimen gets a takedown, mounts Aiden's back, and KNEES him down. He rolls Aiden in a TIGHT cradle. "I think you're pinned buddy, that's it!" commands Specimen. Amazingly, Aiden escapes!
Both wrestlers are GASSED; each admitting they're equally strong. They decide to end in a FULL NELSON CHALLENGE, whoever gives is the loser. "You're a big boy, let's roll!" says Specimen. These muscle monsters drip with sweat! GRUNTS, GROWLS, MOANS, and GROANS...whose gonna win this full nelson battle?