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Johnny Bravo vs Bear - Bodybuilder Battle 61

$ 25.95

Big Johnny Bravo is livid when he reads a challenging text from newcomer Bear, a cocky 240 pound musclebear who dominated TAK mercilessly in his first match at Thunders arena. Bravo finds Bear on the Thunders mat and wastes no time giving the arrogant, trash talking Bear a lesson in total domination. This is a match between two huge muscled up wrestling giants. There is over a quarter ton of muscle mass and manhood on the mat for this match. JB is a ripped 280 pounds of raging muscle beast. Bear is a big, strong, beefy 240 lber with lots of attitude, used to giving more of a beating than he takes. Although Bear continues his arrogant trash talk throughout the match, JB has his way with the big tough guy like hes a lightweight. JB is in total control for the whole match, administering a brutal beating along with physical and verbal humiliation that is truly amazing because he is doing it to a big powerhouse like Bear. JB puts Bear into painful bearhugs, body and neck scissors and over the shoulder carries. He throws bear against the wall and punches him mercilessly. He applies arm bars and sleepers like only JB can. All the while JB verbally abuses Bear, telling him to shut up and show respect to JB. Not content to just physically dominate Bear, JB actually wakes Bear up during a sleeper so that Bear can hear more of JBs humiliating trash talk. Bear makes some attempts at fighting back with a bear hug and a few gut shots, but JB simply laughs them off. In the end, huge, muscular, arrogant JB puts big Bear into a into a Boston crab that has the big muscle bear submit so completely, you dont want to miss how Bear is going to counter this hold...