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Specimen vs Braden Charron and Bear - Bodybuilder Battle 62

$ 25.95

Three men enter. Last man standing wins. This is a unique and very hot match, pitting three tough competitors against each other. Big, thickly muscled Specimen, whose skill at dominating his opponents is well known to fans of Thunders Arena. Big, beefy, Bear, a powerful brawler who is never at a loss for wisecracks whether he is beating a guy up or taking a beating; and handsome, muscular Braden, who is looking as hot as ever in this video. This match is pure gold for fans of big, strong, guys who like to break opponents down with their overwhelming power, taking pleasure in seeing their victim beg for mercy. Its filled with power moves, arrogant displays of domination and muscle flexing, trash talk, humiliating submissions, a cheap shot or two and some two on one domination where two of these big guys gang up on the hapless third guy and beat him into submission. Lots of bear hugs, neck and body scissors, backbreakers, over the shoulder carries, full nelsons, gut punching and school boy pins. In the end, there is one clear winner whose domination of the other two is total. This match is nonstop action from start to finish with three smoking hot guys trying to beat the hell out of each other. You dont want to miss this match to find out who is the last man standing.