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specimen bear chokehold choke submission choking wrestling power

Specimen vs Bear - Bodybuilder Battle 63

$ 34.75

Two of biggest, strongest and toughest wrestlers in Thunders Arena, Specimen and Bear, are getting ready to go out to a club, but Bear is holding things up. Specimen calls him out, but Bear doesnt like being rushed. These two have huge egos to go with their huge bodies so its not long before the trash talk starts flying back and forth, shirts are ripped off and these two big beautiful beasts go at it. Huge bodybuilder Specimen against big beefy brawler Bear, both guys doing whatever it takes to dominate the other its an amazing match to watch. There is so much muscle, beef, power and manhood on display its like no other match youve ever seen. And the action just doesnt stop. These two powerhouses dont hold back as they punish the other, trying to put the other big stud down. Leg locks and body scissors, school boy pins and full nelsons, over the shoulder carries and cradles. Specimen locks on a neck scissors with his huge thighs that goes on for so long, only a big thick powerhouse like Bear could withstand it. These guys grunt and groan with pain as they apply and endure one powerful, painful hold after another. Specimen clearly has the edge in wrestling skills over big, beefy, Bear, whose mouth is always talking smack. But Bear never stops fighting and makes Specimen feel his power over and over. Eventually Bear suggests they compete at strength rather than wrestling and they drop to the mat for some arm wrestling. You will want to see how these two big studs finally settle their differences and whether they actually make it out to the club. This one is destined to be a classic for fans of big, muscular, beefy guys going at it. Dont miss it.