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Viggo locks Zman in a reverse bearhug in Thunders Arena

Zman vs Viggo - Bodybuilder Battle 64

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

Z Man takes on newcomer Viggo, a tough, muscular, ex Navy Seal who knows plenty of ways to make a guy submit. Z-man is confident he will have no trouble putting the new guy down and is not impressed with his military background. The handsome, lantern-jawed Viggo has the confidence of a champion and dismisses Z Man as a dancer who he plans to smear all over the mat. The match starts with these two cocky competitors testing each other, locking up and taking each other down. When Z Man attempts to put the former Navy Seal in a full Nelson, Viggo powers out with no difficulty. When Z Man says that Viggos military training doesnt impress him, Viggo tells him It doesnt have to. Its gonna beat you. To prove his point, Viggo puts Z Man in a bear hug that leaves Z Man in serious pain. After asking Z Man how he liked that bit of punishment, Viggo drops Z Man to the mat and puts him in a punishing leg lock. Clearly confident in his ability to make Z Man submit, Viggo asks Z man if he wants to give, telling him Its only going to get worse. Z Man fights back with some gut punches and an over the knee backbreaker. But tough Viggo increasingly takes control and demonstrates his superior ability to inflict pain and punishment. With three impressive press slams, Viggo finishes the match leaving Z Man out cold on his back. After this match, there is no doubt that this ex Navy Seal is not someone to mess with on the mat. Be sure to get the video and check him out.