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Kid Titan vs Viggo - Bodybuilder Battle 65

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

Tough ex military stud Viggo doesnt like Kid Titan using the wrestling mat to do pushups. So he steps on Kid Titans back as he walks over him. The handsome and hunky Kid Titan gets up and challenges the new comer, asking him if hes feeling tough. The two lock up and get into some pretty intense grappling, with a number of take downs by both. After Viggo lets Kid Titan out of one painful arm hold, the two flex and pose for the camera. When Kid Titan steps in front of Viggo to do a pose, Viggo pushes him face down into the mat, sits on Kid Titans back, grabs him under the chin and pulls back. After keeping Kid Titan in this agonizing hold for almost a minute, the tough ex Navy Seal gets up and does some victory flexing. Kid Titan attempts to lift Viggo by putting his head between Viggos legs and standing up, but the move back fires when the resourceful Viggo grabs a ceiling beam and applies a vice like scissors around Kid Titans head. The power in Viggos legs is too much for Kid Titan and he drops to the mat in pain. Viggo later puts Kid Titan into another excruciating head scissors, this time on the mat. Cocky Viggo asks him, How about those scissors as he taunts Kid Titan and asks him if gives. After Kid Titan submits, Viggo proudly slaps his powerful thighs in victory. Right here baby he says. The domination by Viggo increases as the match goes on, with Kid Titan saying uncle a few more times. Arrogant Viggo humiliates Kid Titan by making him do pushups with Viggo sitting on his back. But even that doesn't satisfy Viggos desire to punish and dominate handsome Kid Titan. You will want what else tough guy Viggo does to the muscle hunk. The video is filled with lots great shots of these two muscular guys as they go at it on the mat. You wont want to miss this one.