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Travis pec stretches Bolt on the ropes abs pecs

Bolt and Marco vs Travis and Joey King - Ring Wars 14

$ 34.75

#2 Best Seller Feb 2016

Joey King is new to Thunder’s, but he’s an experienced ring wrestler. He’s here to train Travis, coach him in the ring and help him become a better wrestler. On the other end of the ring is Marco, with his buddy Bolt. Marco starts making fun of Joey, calling him Travis’s dad, but Joey’s not going to take an of his lip, immediately calling him out on wearing underwear underneath his wrestling trunks. Joey goes in quick, pulling Marco back into a full nelson, before throwing him against the corner and tapping Travis in. He’s already gotten Marco weak, it’s time for Travis to keep it up. Travis goes for his favorite, the dominating bearhug, where he can start to crush Marco. Marco gets out, and starts rebounding off the ropes to gain momentum and slam into Travis. Travis is so big and thick that there’s not much of an impact, Travis isn’t phased. So Marco takes Travis to the corner of the ring instead and mounts him up, tied into the ropes, where he slams Travis a few times before tapping in Bolt, who comes flying in to beat up on Travis. Travis is stuck tied into the ropes, and Bolt lifts him up and drops him down across his knee onto the mat. Bolt’s tiny but he’s full of fire and a lot stronger than he looks. Travis just starts to flex after being dropper though, so Bolt throws him across the ring and slams into him, throws him down onto the mat and yanks him back into a boston crab. He’s yelling at him to try and flex now, to which Travis indeed starts flexing. Bolt’s pissed off and starts to seriously pull on Travis’s lower back, wanting to hear him scream in pain. Travis is getting scared, so he crawls away to tap in Joey to come dominate Bolt. Joey picks Bolt up and slams him down like a rag doll, he’s absolutely vicious, and immediately pulls Bolt back into a full nelson to stop him from trying anything. Travis takes the time to practice his bodybuilding flexing moves, while Joey’s doing all the work. Joey starts to toy around with Bolt, who tries running to tag Marco in to save him, but Joey catches him halfway and pulls him across the mat. Marco was able to reach Bolt’s hand though, and he charges in to catch Joey off guard, but Joey’s prepared and catches Marco mid run to fling him across the ring. He slams Marco into the corner and tags Travis in to finish Marco off, but he just runs into the ring to start flexing! Joey’s in disbelief, and Marco quickly gets the upper hand. Marco starts flexing on top of Travis and Bolt starts shouting his support, that’s how real flexing is done! Travis is huge, and Marco can’t keep him down for long, he’s an absolute powerhouse and starts to turn the tables against Marco before Marco begins reaching for Bolt’s hand. This tag team battle is non stop action with 4 ripped guys tearing each other apart! It’s an even match with the skilled Marco and Bolt against the pro Joey and the juggernaut Travis. Which team will reign supreme?