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double arm drag

Bolt and Scrappy vs Viking - Vegas Battles 43

$ 39.95

Viking Unleashed!

Chokes and choke lifts! This match is full of action and has cameras above and below the water, so you don't miss a thing! Scrappy is asleep on the lounger. Bolt wakes him up and tells him someone wrote DICK on his chest in sunscreen. Viking walks out, and Bolt confronts him about the sunscreen. Viking is not amused calling Bolt "Frodo Baggins". He picks Bolt up over his shoulder and jumps in the pool.

In the pool, Viking choke lifts "Frodo" then slams him down choking him under water. Scrappy tries to help but is pulled in the pool. Viking choke lifts Bolt and Scrappy into the air until they pass out!! He throws both of them out of the pool and challenges them to a mercy competition. Viking crushes both of their hands and brings them to the ground. He then challenges them to an arm wrestling competition. It's Viking's one arm VERSUS their four arms!! He switches from right arm to left arm but cannot be defeated!

Viking drags Bolt back in the water in a fireman's carry and bounces him across his shoulders. Scrappy is thrown in the water, and Viking delivers another double choke lift! 
He then shoves their heads repeatedly under water. Bolt and Scrappy are gasping for air. Viking applies head locks to both men at the same time choking them out. THEY CAN BARELY TAP OUT!!

Viking flexes double biceps to the camera. Bolt and Scrappy sneak up from behind trying to pull Viking's arms down. Both are hanging from his arms, but they can't break his flexing. They try to escape the pool but are put in another double headlock. Scrappy is repeatedly lifted up and slammed in the water. Viking overhead presses Bolt and throws him in the pool!

Viking let's them escape but follows behind. He choke lifts Scrappy then choke lifts both wrestlers outside the pool!! Viking flexes for the cameras and then carries both wrestlers on his shoulders AT THE SAME TIME walking them around the pool before dumping them on the mat. He lays Scrappy on top of Bolt then sits on them yanking back on Bolt's chin!!! Viking isn't done yet. He then pulls Bolt's arms behind his back while digging his knee into Scrappy's back with all his weight!! Viking then delivers a double Boston crab. Bolt and Scrappy are screaming in pain and tapping out. Viking does a victory flex.

Stupidly, both men get back up blaming each other for their beating. Viking chokes both men and delivers a bone crushing DOUBLE BEARHUG!!! He repeatedly picks them up and down squeezing harder each time before throwing the defeated losers in the pool!! If you are a fan of big vs small, 1 wrestler vs 2 wrestlers, total domination, this is the match for you!!


PS - this match is filmed in "webm" format which means you download the video after purchase THEN drag and drop the video file into any Chrome or Firefox web browser to view video after purchase and download.  The quality is ULTA HD and worth watching!  It's cutting edge best format we can deliver to you just remember to open the video file with your web browser Chrome or Firefox and watch it play.  

Will play on any iPhone or iPad or Android as well inside of a Chrome or Firefox web browser as well.