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Bolt Frey abdominal punch pecs chest arms

Bolt vs Frey - Custom Video Series 35

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

Bolt is back and going through his abs workout on the mats.  Everyone knows that Bolt’s abs are his pride and joy, and now you can see the work he puts into them!  The man is a machine, cranking out crunches, pikes, sit-ups, planks and side-planks in seriously hot trunks!  Taking it outside, Bolt continues his workout, the sunlight illuminating every individual muscle as he trains by the side of the pool – hot doesn’t even begin to describe this!  A prime contender for “Sexiest Workout Video of the Year”, Bolt goes through every ab exercise he can think of, finally pausing to flex and show off the rewards of his hard work and dedication!  Talk about inspiration!

As Bolt is posing, a clearly envious Frey enters, wearing tight green trunks, and promptly slugs Bolt in the abs!  Frey seems bent on breaking through Bolt’s brick wall as he drills his fist into Bolt’s abs again and again!  Frey makes out like he is ‘helping’ Bolt as he batters the crap out of Bolt’s midsection, striking without warning like a sadistic cobra!  Bolt’s abs are getting bright red, and it’s not from the Florida sun!  Frey just won’t let up, not even giving Bolt a chance to recover from each massive punch!  But Frey discovers that every man has his limits as Bolt fires back with punches of his own, sinking fist after fist into Frey’s awesome abs.  Bolt mixes it up, using his forearms and legs to punish the hulking Frey even more!  These two are holding nothing back!

Frey drags Bolt back into the mat room, into “his world”, for a further beating!  What started out as ‘friendly’ training has become an unspoken contest for alpha dominance!  Matching each other blow for blow, the two fitness fanatics batter each other until the ultimate workout end.  Want to know which hunk reigns supreme and which ends with his face in a bucket?  Buy this ridiculously hot match and find out!