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Bolt Frey Blayne

Bolt vs Frey vs Blayne - Custom Video Series 53

$ 31.25

1-on-1, 2-on-1 and 1-on-2 in a THREE-WAY BEATDOWN!

Fan-favourites Bolt and Blayne are bonding on the mat, posing and admiring each other’s physiques when Blayne has a brainwave – “If we team up, we could crush the competition!”  Bolt readily agrees and a team is born!  Frey has overheard this exchange and decides to test the fledgling alliance.  “Why would anyone team up with somebody who smells as bad as Bolt?” Frey provokes the bros until Blayne has heard enough and lunges forward to attack!  But Frey was waiting for the foolish move and twists Blayne’s arm before taking out his knees and sending him to the mat!  Bolt goes to defend his friend, but Frey scoops him up, carries him to the other side of the mat and slams him down on top of Blayne!  Frey pulls both men to their feet, slapping a twin headlock on each.  A wealened Blayne sinks to his knees as Frey expertly applies the hold!  Frey lets Blayne sink to the mat as he throws Bolt over his hip – Bolt crashes to the mat, but Frey has already switched his attention back to Blayne, clamping on a Camel Clutch!  Bolt gets to his feet, but Frey clubs him back down.  Blayne calls out for help from his buddy, but Frey keeps Bolt at bay!  Frey traps Blayne in a surfboard stretch, demanding his submission!  But Blayne is made of tougher stuff than that and defiantly refuses!  Frey decides to shift his attention to the still prone Bolt, yanking him off the mat and into a rib-bruising rear bearhug!  Blayne tries to help, but Frey uses Bolt as a human shield, blocking Blayne’s attack!  Frey dumps both men to the mat, grabbing a leg from each and half-turning them for a modified crab!  Both men’s screams echo around the room as Frey punishes their knees.  Blayne is the first to give, so Frey releases him and focusses all of his sadistic attention on Bolt!  He wraps his arms around Bolt’s lower back, hoisting up him for another bearhug!  Frey is dominating the newly-formed team, crushing Bolt with one arm and ramming Blayne face-first into the wall with the other!  In an ultra-impressive show of strength and balance, Frey holds Bolt parallel to the mat, ratcheting up the pain, before slamming him down!  Frey once again shifts his attention to the recovering Blayne, who suddenly finds himself lifted over Frey’s shoulders in a Torture Rack!  As if that wasn’t humiliating enough, Frey plants his bare foot onto Bolt’s chest, pinning him to the mat!  Blayne begs for mercy and is dropped to the floor.  “Your turn.” Frey reaches down, clawing Bolts pecs and dragging him to his feet!  Bolt screams in agony as his pectoral muscles are torn from his chest!  But Bolt still refuses to give!  A clearly frustrated Frey lifts Bolt over his shoulder and pulls his legs apart!  That’s just vicious!  Poor Bolt has no choice but to give!  Frey shows off his immense power, sandwiching the two bros in a double bearhug and LIFTING THEM OFF THE MAT!  Frey follows up with a double Boston Crab with Bolt stacked on top of Blayne!

But in wrestling, the tables can turn in a second and a well-placed low blow from Blayne does just that!  The new teammates embark on a harsh and eye-watering attack on Frey’s balls, punching, kicking and pulling his legs apart until he bellows in agony!  Frey’s arms are pulled back by Bolt as Blayne cranks a standing headscissor!  The two double team Frey, humiliating him with multiple Pit Stops and forcing him to smell Bolt’s feet!

But teams can come apart as easily as they are formed – Blayne decrees that he could have won on his own, humiliating Bolt with another Pit Stop, a powerful low blow and a devastating choke lift!  Bolt is out!  But Blayne has forgotten about Frey…