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Jack Beaver puts Bolt into a body scissors at Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Bolt vs Jack Beaver - No Holds Barred 129

$ 25.95

New rookie Beaver flexes on the couch showing off his guns and chiseled abs. Bolt walks in, "I heard you're doing pretty well man. Big Man likes you!" Beaver laughs, "I was told I'm doing little bit better than you when you first got here!" "Who told you that? I'm Bolt. I'm a vet here; you're fresh meat. We might as well settle this right now!" Beaver is ready, "Let's do it man. I ain't worried!"
They tie up. Bolt picks up Beaver in a massive FIREMAN'S CARRY, "Trying to come in my house!" He throws the rookie onto the couch and locks in a tight sleeper. "Go to sleep. Make you forget why I even you brought you here!" Beaver moans, "I'm doing better than you!" He drops the rookie to the mat, "You ain't better than Bolt!" The vet delivers a standing guillotine choke then standing head scissors trying to crush his skull! "How's that feel?" Beaver surprises the vet with a takedown and scissors him back. "Ok fresh meat's got some moves!" Bolt escapes with a BALL & CHAIN! "What's your move? You haven't even shown me what you got yet!" says Bolt. Beaver headlocks the vet spinning him around then picks him up in a rear bearhug. Bolt retaliates with a head scissors/arm bar off the couch. "How those abs doing?" Beaver rolls over and ankle locks the vet. Bolt is in pain but isn't about to be outshone and DDT's the rookie on the mat! He plants his foot on Beaver's chest yanking back on his arms. "How's that stretch?"
Beaver escapes, hammerlocks the vet, and locks in a tight full nelson. "You're quick!" groans Bolt as he's slammed to the mat. The rookie straddles his victim pinning him down, "Good luck getting out of that! How does it feel looking up at these abs? You wish you had these!" says Beaver. Bolt ball claws the rookie, "I'm gonna show you who is the real alpha male!" A standing head scissors, ball claws, and vicious banana split has the rookie in agony! "I am Bolt. I am electricity!" The vet begins destroying Beaver's legs with leg and ankle locks and slams his knees into the mat!
"How you feeling Beaver? You look a little tired!" The rookie takes the vet down in a scissors/sleeper combo. "The tables have turned!" declares Beaver, as Bolt goes to sleep! "I may be new, but I've got moves!" The rookie wakes up the vet with a ball claw, "How's that feel?" He picks up Bolt in a bearhug, delivers repeated ball claws, and locks in another sleeper. Bolt is struggling to breathe and passes out. "Again!" declares Beaver in celebration! The back and forth action continues! Ball claws, snapmare takedowns, a devastating dragon sleeper! Will Beaver's bag of dirty tricks help him pull out the win over Bolt, or will Bolt get the W and put the fresh meat on ice? You gotta see it to find out!