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Bolt Jet chest claw pecs chest arms

Bolt vs Jet - Custom Video Series 34

$ 25.95
$ 31.25

Jet is kicking back, watching his favourite show Game of Thrones.  Bolt enters the room, saying he and Jet should be wrestling right now, but Jet isn’t interested – he’d rather catch up on some TV.  Bolt commits the cardinal sin and spoils the ending, telling Jet what’s going to happen!  He did not just do that?!  In a rage we’ve all felt, Jet springs up and catches Bolt in a sleeper!  “You wanna wrestle?” Jet asks as Bolt goes down.  “Fine, let’s wrestle”.

Jet carries the unconscious Bolt through to the mat room, ready to dole out some revenge!  Waking the sleeping stud up, Jet tells Bolt he’s gonna pay!  Bolt didn’t learn to wrestle yesterday though and he strikes Jet with a clubbing forearm to the chest, before scooping him over his shoulders and doing squats using Jet as a human barbell!  That’s some impressive power right there!  Jet is slammed down like yesterday’s news and dragged back up in a rear bearhug!  Pushing him back down to the mat, Bolt pulls Jets head into his waiting and warmed up thighs, the powerful muscles pumped and ready to crush!  Jet’s face turns red as his skull is mercilessly squeezed!  Bolt tries to convert the hold to an arm bar, but Jet’s biceps are too powerful as he throws Bolt to the other side of the mat!  Jet is enraged as he pulls Bolt up into an upside-down bearhug, his arms crushing Bolt’s midsection like a vice!  Jet takes a leaf out of Marco’s playbook, trapping Bolt in a schoolboy pin and flexing overhead.  In desperation, Bolt resorts to a low blow to escape!  Bolt catches Jet in a sleeper, wrenching it tight around his head as the colour drains from Jet’s face!  Jet is out!  But Bolt isn’t done – he applies a vicious shoulder claw on the sleeping hunk, the pain shocking him out of his slumber!  Jet’s awesome body is on display in Bolt’s surfboard, his arms in real danger of being pulled out of their sockets!  There is no love lost between these two men as they work each other hard!  A Japanese strangle hold has one wrestler in serious trouble!  This is insane!  This isn’t about winning, it’s about inflicting as much pain on the other as possible!

Jet’s body looks huge and pumped as he works Bolt in a leg lock / camel combination, pulling up hard to punish Bolt’s spine!  A crushing headscissors has Bolt writhing in agony as he is squashed between Jet’s humongous legs!  Somehow Bolt escapes and traps Jet in a crotch-splitting spladle!  An ab stretch has one wrestler trapped, his screams echoing around the room!  Another spladle has one wrestler frantically tapping his submission!  These two are just tearing into each other!  Will Jet exact his revenge on the spoiling Bolt?  Or will Bolt beat Jet at his own Game?  Buy this match today to see how this one ends!