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Kid Thing puts Bolt into a head scissors at Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Bolt vs Kid Thing - Battlespace 120

$ 31.25

Thunder's vet Bolt greets the rookie, "So I heard you're the new guy on the block! What are you bringing to the table, you like 15?" Kid Thing isn't intimidated, "I'm 19. I bring these young gains to the table!" Both wrestlers flex off comparing biceps. "Stepping into Bolt's ring!" Kid Thing answers back, "I'm gonna take you down!" They decide to test out each other's guns in a push up contest. "I'm faster than you!" mocks Kid Thing. "You speed it up; I'll speed it up!" says Bolt. The rookie switches to one arm push ups impressing the vet. "New boy on the block, you got a chance!" 
Bolt blazes behind Kid Thing and locks in a tight full nelson. "Didn't see that coming did you? Reason why my name's Bolt." The rookie struggles but flexes out! They tie up, and Bolt applies a sleeper, "Time to calm you down!" Kid Thing gasps for air but breaks away. "I'm gonna put you down!" The rookie applies his own full nelson shaking the vet around. "You got me!" moans Bolt. "You ain't getting out of these shreds. What you gonna do now?" boasts Kid Thing. The vet delivers a SNAPMARE TAKEDOWN and straddles the rookie pinning him down. The rookie's shows incredible strength and rolls Bolt over in a massive head scissors! "See these quads!" The vet groans in pain, "New kid's got some strong legs, but not strong enough!" Bolt escapes, clubs his back with vicious forearms, and locks in a body scissors/sleeper combo! "I can't breathe. Let go of me!" pleads Kid Thing, but he soon is counting sheep!
"I'm not done with you!" Bolt headlocks the rookie slamming him to the mat. "Get these arms off me. I'll show you a real man!" yells Kid Thing. Bolt CHOKELIFTS the rookie, but he recovers and retaliates with a tight full nelson. "My neck!" "Getting tired? You can't take these young gains!" mocks Kid Thing. The back and forth action continues! Bolt with a crushing bearhug and head scissors. Kid Thing with a tight full nelson and headlock.
They lock up. Bolt delivers a quick rear bearhug then picks up Kid Thing in a FIREMAN'S CARRY shaking him up and down. "I'm gonna walk you around and claim my territory. Fresh meat for Bolt to kill!" The vet drops the rookie down into a Boston crab, "Don't break my legs, please man!" Kid Thing recovers and lifts Bolt in a massive bearhug slamming him to the mat, "You don't want none of this!" Bolt retaliates with an over the knee BACK BREAKER! "Get up!" Another bearhug from Bolt has the rookie screaming. "I'm gonna break your back! I've about had it with this new meat!" Bolt crushes the rookie's skull in a standing head scissors then locks in another scissor/sleeper combo. Kid Thing goes out again! 
The back-and-forth action continues. Bearhugs, fireman's carries, crippling sleepers! Will Kid Thing get the win over the vet, or will Bolt add him to the list of fresh meat losers?