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Bolt Marco over the knee backbreaker abs pecs chest thighs

Bolt vs Marco - Custom Video Series 36

$ 18.99
$ 25.95

Marco is already on the mats, pacing up and down, waiting for his opponent to arrive.  Bolt (wearing his lucky leather jacket) comes on, all hey-there’s and smiles, but Marco is cold.  As Bolt flexes a double bicep, Marco savagely low-blows him from behind!  As Bolt lies writhing on the floor, Marco calmly states that he’s heard Bolt was “with his girl”.  Marco, who has maybe the best glutes you’ll ever see, is looking to humiliate Bolt in revenge!  Mercilessly going after Bolt’s manhood, Marco is relentless in his attack as he crushes Bolt underfoot!  Ab bashing against the wall, followed by nasty wedgies and Bolt is begging for forgiveness!  Marco drives his ELBOW into Bolt’s balls, followed by a cheap-shot punch – this is f***ing brutal stuff!  Bolt rolls over in pain – BIG MISTAKE!  Marco is possibly at his ever most vicious as he grabs Bolt by his jacket and Calvins, lifts him up and slams him face down to the mats, over and over again!  Surely nobody can take this kind of punishment for long?!

Marco stands Bolt up against the wall and unloads on his abs with a flurry of punches and kicks, making him yell out in agony.  As Bolt crumples to the floor, the massive Marco looms over him, stripping him of his ‘lucky’ jacket.  Marco uses the jacket as a weapon in a way that will make every man flinch!  Marco’s going to make sure that Bolt isn’t of any use to anyone!  An upside-down bearhug is mean, but add in another wedgie and Bolt is screaming for Marco to stop!  A classic front-bearhug has Marco crushing the breath out of his hapless victim!  A reverse ATOMIC DROP continues Marco’s systematic destruction of Bolt’s manhood!  Marco proves his mastery of the mat as he catches Bolt in classic hold after classic hold, each one with a brutal twist – Boston Crab, over-the-shoulder backbreaker, ab stretch, all are used to devastating effect.  Bolt is no stranger to punishment though and takes it all, taunting Marco as he does!

This match is one of the nastiest and most brutal matches you will ever see – hold after hold, submission after submission, this one pulls no punches.  Can Bolt pull a surprise out of the bag?  Will Marco succeed in destroying his rival?  It all builds up to a shocking climax that has to be seen to believed!  Get this awesome match now!