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Bolt Marco pecks

Bolt vs Marco - Custom Video Series 52

$ 25.95
$ 31.25

Marco vs Bolt is a sleeper match dream custom video you will love to watch.  Bolt has run his mouth so many time about how he won all the matches that Marco and him have done that he really pissed Marco off.  Now Marco plots his revenge by putting Bolt in sleeper after sleeper putting Bolt out over and over again.  After Marco releases each sleeper, he checks Bolt's limp arm, checking to make sure Bolt is asleep for good by raising his hand then letting it drop to the mat.  Marco admires his work as he evil stars at the sleeping Bolt before rubbing Bolt's neck and shoulders to wake him up for another beating.  Bolt does get the upper hand for the first part with his superior amateur wrestling moves, but Marco does out-maneuver him with an illegal shot to the bean bag.  Marco now in control administers a beat down by methodically running Bolt through 5 different sleepers holds like cobra clutch sleeper and dragon sleeper, throwing in a vicious hold in between each to make Bolt beg for mercy.  Marco takes his sweet time with each sleeper grinding into Bolt long after he has passed out, savoring the feeling of Bolt passed out in his arms.  Bolt is tough and tries to rally after some of the sleepers, but each time, Marco regains control with dirty holds and crotch shots.  After Bolt is laid out in the 5th sleeper Marco flexes over him and declares victory.  Marco pours a bottle of water on Bolt then Bolt jumps up and pulls Marco down to the mat attempting to get his revenge, only to find Marco getting the upper hand and applying a tight cobra clutch sleeper.  What happens next can't even be described as legal, but brutal KO after KO by classic sleepers!