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Bolt Marco arm stretch back arms

Bolt vs Marco - No Holds Barred 74

$ 25.95

Bolt is in the mat room, wearing a red singlet and working out with a resistance band.  Marco enters, also wearing a red (but rather more daring!) singlet.  “Why are you working out?  This is a wrestling match, not a bodybuilding show!”  Bolt responds “I’m pumping up ‘cause I’m about to whup your ass!” Egos come to the boil as the two men compare biceps, both flexing to try and out do the other!

Marco score the first takedown as Bolt falls for the old ‘Your shoes are untied’ trick.  Bolt retaliates by shooting forwards, tripping Marco and sending him tumbling to the mat!  Another takedown and Bolt has Marco wrapped up in a scissor choke!  Feeling ultra-confident, Bolt let’s Marco go, eager to beat on him some more – BIG MISTAKE!!!  Marco lunges in and lifts Bolt overhead by the balls, up into a GORILLA PRESS!  Another ball lift, this time with added impact sees Bolt down on the mat in agony!  Cruel Marco drags him up by his hair, throws him over his shoulder and takes him for a spin!  Bolt is disoriented and in no shape to stop Marco from choking him with his own singlet straps and clamping on yet another vice-like ball claw!  Marco gets cocky and give Bolt an opening to hoist him over his shoulder, put one of Marco’s legs either side of his head and then smash his head back inton Marco#s crotch again and again and again!  Brutal and devastatingly effective!  An airplane spin leaves Marco dizzy and open for a revenge ball claw and straps choke from Bolt!

Realising that each other is willing to do whatever it takes to win, the two men lock up again – this time Marco gets the go behind for a full nelson!  Bolt is taken down to the mat where Marco pulls his singlet straps down, using them as leverage for a surfboard!  Marco removes Bolt’s shoes, using one as a weapon to spank Bolt’s ass!  Too further humiliate Bolt, Marco plants his foot on Bolt’s throat, pushing down and flashing a double bicep pose!  Marco looks confident of the victory, but Bolt isn’t done yet as he shoots his hand up, clamping HARD on Marco’s crotch and squeezing for all he’s worth!  Marco crumples to the mat as an invigorated Bolt removes his shoes, giving the bodybuilder a taste of his own medicine as he spanks Marco’s glutes!  Marco objects – “What’s with all the spanking?” Bolt’s answer? “It’s no holds barred!”

This match truly is no holds barred as each wrestler fights hard and dirty for the win!  Singlets get stripped, bodies get whipped - nothing is off limits!  Standing headscissors, chokes, nelsons, TIGHT schoolboy pins from BOTH wrestlers, over-the-knee backbreakers – the list goes on.  A particularly nasty (and impressive!) SINGLE-HANDED CHOKE LIFT from Marco leaves him with a spare hand - no prizes for guessing what he does with it!  Both men prove that they can match each other hold for hold and move for move.  The final TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER seals the victory for one of these young muscle studs – get this match now to see who claims the victory and who is left out cold on the mat!