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Bolt Scrappy abs biceps posing

Bolt vs Scrappy - Custom Video Series 51

$ 25.95

A War of Epic Egos!

Bolt and Scrappy are two of our most enduringly popular wrestlers.  Both have skills on the mat and in the ring, both take care of their bodies and both have egos that are wildly out of control!  So when they meet on the mats, fireworks are bound to happen!  The battle starts almost immediately, with both men jostling each other for access to the camera, competing for the viewers’ attention!  Both of them are posing and flexing, seducing the camera with their hard-earned physiques!  Bolt peels down his singlet, showing off his lean torso as Scrappy, in tiny starred trunks, flexes his ripped abs – both of these specimens clearly work hard at the gym!  The ego battle continues until Bolt declares he’s had enough of flexing – he’s going to prove he’s stronger by squatting Scrappy!  Bolt shoves his head between Scrappy’s thighs and shoves upwards, boosting Scrappy high off the mat as Bolt starts to perform squats – for TEN reps!  The ever competitive Scrappy does the same, but manages one extra rep – Bolt is not happy!  “Ok, that was legs” says Bolt – “let’s try arm rasslin’.” Bolt and Scrappy go down to the mat, locking hands as Bolt counts down from three – but the cheating Bolt starts on two, leaving Scrappy behind!  The two go at it hard, biceps bulging as they try to force the other down!  Scrappy claws back some ground, but it’s not enough as Bolt slams his hand down!  Scrappy ups the ante, challenging Bolt to a truly epic Test of Strength!  Scrappy eventually gets the advantage, driving Bolt to his knees before slugging him in the gut!  Bolt gets to his feet in surprise, but is knocked down again – Scrappy strips Bolt of his singlet, leaving the surprised stud in only (extremely) well-fitted briefs!  Bolt regroups, taking a moment to flex for the camera with, of course, Scrappy joining in for good measure!  These two really do have egos that are off the charts!

Bolt challenges Scrappy to a push-up contest, which Scrappy happily accepts.  The two start out fair, but Scrappy suddenly gets to his feet, planting his foot on Bolt’s back and forcing him face first into the mat!  Scrappy is all smiles as he flexes with the prone Bolt underfoot, but Bolt manages to get to his feet.  The furious and humiliated Bolt lunges at Scrappy, catching the superstud in a side headlock and taking him to the mat and into a rib-shattering bodyscissor!  Bolt pours on the pain, Scrappy’s midsection almost buckling under the pressure!  Having weakened Scrappy, Bolt releases the hold and starts to flex for the camera – but Scrappy isn’t done!  His face is a mask of rage as he rushes Bolt, hoisting him high up in an air-tight bearhug!  Scrappy shakes Bolt from side to side before throwing him to the mat – but Bolt lashes out with a shot to Scrappy’s balls!  Bolt pulls Scrappy’s legs apart and stomps down!  But Scrappy fights fire with fire, landing a blow to Bolt’s bulge before trapping him in a bodyscissor of his own!  What started as a battle of egos just got dirty!

Pec claws, ball grabs, bicep crushing, full nelsons, knee lifts, gut bashing and much, much more!  A humiliating armpit smother from Scrappy has Bolt raging for revenge!  Schoolboy pins, chokes and ab punishment all lead up to a multiple sleeper hold finish!  Who wins this battle of the egos?  You do!