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wrestlers bear hug each other

Bolt vs Scrappy vs Eagle - Vegas Battles 45

$ 31.25

"Have you guys seen Bolt?" Scrappy looks all over the penthouse but can't find him. He gives up his search and starts posing in the bathroom mirror. Bolt walks out of the shower, "What's going on?" Scrappy is pissed he was in the shower the whole time and didn't hear him calling. He drags him to the mat, "Taking a shower? You still look pretty dirty!" Bolt is in shock, "Why you coming at me like this?" 
Scrappy DOUBLE PEC CLAWS Bolt as he screams in pain. "Why don't you stop asking questions. Let Scrappy do what he likes to do!" He CHOKELIFTS Bolt then drops him to the mat. "What did I do to you?" coughs Bolt. "Kept me up all night!" yells Scrappy. Bolt recovers and picks the musclestud up on one shoulder shaking him up and down ramming his abs! He throws Scrappy down and goes straight for a cradle. "There it is! How's that feel?" Scrappy screams in pain. Bolt enjoys his punishment so much he repeats the process again. Scrappy is completely gassed, as Bolt locks in a tight sleeper. "Thought we were cool man?" moans Scrappy. Bolt is nowhere near done, an over the knee BACK BREAKER, standing guillotine choke, and BONE-BREAKING arm bar! "Come on Scrappy! We gotta even it out on both sides!" Bolt arm bars his other arm. "I give!" screams Scrappy as he taps out! Bolt wants more pain, he stands his victim up and delivers a devastating DDT! Scrappy is in trouble; his muscles powerless to stop the beating. Bolt delivers a leg-breaking Boston crab. "I'm sorry!" moans Scrappy. "Say Bolt I am so sorry!" He transitions to a crippling camel clutch, "Say it!" demands Bolt. Scrappy is in so much pain he is forced to apologize! "This is all because you interrupted my shower!" The torture continues: a full nelson, cradle, camel clutches!
Muscle giant Eagle walks on to the mat. This Vegas Battle is about to turn NO HOLDS BARRED. "Where did you come from?" asks Bolt. "I'm looking at two little action figures play around!" laughs Eagle as he CHOKELIFTS Bolt and drops him. He headlocks Scrappy while ball clawing Bolt. "Scrappy we gotta work together!" groans Bolt. The muscle giant lifts Scrappy in a TORTURE RACK as Bolt punches Eagle's abs. He feels nothing! Eagle drops his victim and full nelsons Bolt as Scrappy muscle worships his bulging biceps and shoulders. "He's so strong!" screams Bolt. Eagle is annoyed with Scrappy touching him and shoves him in the closet closing the door. The giant picks Bolt up in an UPSIDE DOWN bearhug then into a standing head scissors. "My head! Your legs are like tree trunks, so big!" yells Bolt. "Scrappy I need your help!" The muscle beast TORTURE RACKS Bolt and drops him down. 
"You wanna play around a little bit!" Scrappy exits the closet, pushes Eagle against the wall, and lifts him in a massive bearhug. He holds Eagle against the wall worshipping his biceps and chiseled abs. "I know it's solid right?" Eagle head claws Scrappy then twists his head in a neck breaker! "Rubbing up on me like that gonna get you nowhere but pain buddy!" Eagle pushes Scrappy into Bolt and lifts them in a DOUBLE BEARHUG! Both wrestlers in complete agony as they fall to the mat. Eagle locks Bolt in Boston crab; Scrappy still can't stop worshiping all that muscle. "Get off me!" Eagle grabs Scrappy's face ramming it into Bolt's muscle glutes, next a DOUBLE BALL CLAW! Eagle locks Bolt in a sleeper as Scrappy worships his delts. "Quit feeling on your boyfriend and help me out of this!" yells Bolt. Eagle gets Scrappy in a snapmare takedown and applies a sleeper. "It's so tight!" Bolt is PISSED for not getting help and ball claws Scrappy while he's in the sleeper; he passes out! Eagle enjoyed that so much he ball claws Scrappy awake then puts him out in a sleeper two more times! These two have got to work together if they have any chance of bringing down the muscle giant. An ATOMIC WEDGIE, crippling camel clutches, DOUBLE BEARHUGS, who will be left standing in the end?

PS - this match is filmed in "webm" format which means you download the video after purchase THEN drag and drop the video file into any Chrome or Firefox web browser to view video after purchase and download.  The quality is ULTA HD and worth watching!  It's cutting edge best format we can deliver to you just remember to open the video file with your web browser Chrome or Firefox and watch it play.  

Will play on any iPhone or iPad or Android as well inside of a Chrome or Firefox web browser as well.