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Bolt vs Spike - Mat Rats 82

Bolt vs Spike - Mat Rats 82

$ 25.95

After his stunning debut against Marco, Spike is back to take on Bolt!  Fan-favourite Bolt is trying to get a rise out of Spike, but the muscled hunk isn’t taking the bait.  Spike isn’t interested in trash talk or mind games – he’s here for one thing and one thing only – to demolish whoever is foolish enough to step on the mats with him!  Bolt keeps talking, trying to rile the big man up, until Spike shoves him away.  Shoving quickly becomes rasslin’ as the two men go in for a lock up, testing each other out.  In blue square cuts and white socks, Spike looks every bit the football jock looking to take out some aggression!  He catches Bolt in a headlock, his thick arm wrapped around Bolt’s neck.  “Whatcha gonna do?” asks Bolt – Spike responds by dropping them both to the mat, his weight crashing down on top of Bolt!  Spike grabs Bolt’s head, ramming it twice into the mat before hauling him up and throwing him back down!  Bolt gets up and the two lock up again – this time, Bolt gets behind Spike for a full nelson!  But Spike is more powerful than Bolt though – he thrusts forward, breaking out of the hold and sending the unsuspecting Bolt hurtling to the mat where Spike is waiting with a tight choke!  Spike isn’t interested in the match being over yet – he wants to obliterate his opponents slowly, wearing them down until they know they are beaten!

The two men tie up again, with Spike pulling Bolt down into another headlock, flexing at the trapped superstar before sinking powerful blows into his exposed ribs!  Spike mounts Bolt, pinning him down and flexing at the camera.  Bolt struggles, eventually managing to turn the tables and pin Spike, his knees pressing into the stud’s bulging biceps!  Bolt manhandles Spike, but he can’t capitalise – as Bolt flexes some more, Spike reaches up and wraps his deadly arms around Bolt’s midsection, slamming him over and over to the mat!  Spike flexes for the camera, posing and tensing his impressive biceps and pecs!  Bolt gets up, foolishly taunting Spike. “Come on, do something.  Come on – what are you gonna… AAARRRGGGHHH!”  Bolt doesn’t even finish the question before Spike lunges in for a crushing bearhug, lifting the hapless Bolt off his feet and THROWING him HARD to the mat!  Not giving him a moment to recover, Spike peels Bolt off the mat and over his shoulders, showing off his dominance!  Spike manoeuvres Bolt into a breath-taking sleeper, further weakening his prey!  Spike is relentless in his utter domination of Bolt, clamping on FIVE Sleeper holds in a row!  The fifth time is the charm as Bolt finally passes out, succumbing to his powerful opponent – Round One goes to Spike!

Round Two is packed with even more action – over-the-knee backbreakers, standing headscissors, chokes, facelocks, bearhugs, slams, scissors, arm bars and more!  A devastating ankle lock has Bolt screaming in agony!  Spike wraps his massive quads around Bolt’s head in a triangle choke, before crushing his body in a brutally bodyscissor!  But Spike isn’t content with just crushing Bolt’s body – he grabs his head and smashes his skull into the mat over and over and over again until Bolt cries out his submission!  But Spike still isn’t done – he’s got a message to send to the rest of the roster and he’s going to make sure it’s delivered!  Can Bolt survive Spike’s unrelenting onslaught?  How much punishment can one human take?! Get this match now to find out!