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Steel (aka Joey Sullivan) applies an arm bar on Bolt.

Bolt vs Steel - Rough & Ready 85

$ 31.25

Taking a break between matches, Bolt and Steel are chilling on the couch.  Both of these guys are fan favorites and the conversation inevitably turns to who is number one at Thunder’s.  Small talk turns to smack talk turns to fighting talk – egos rise and the match is on!

Bolt shoots in low and lifts Steel over his shoulder, showing off his own strength by doing squats before slamming the muscle hunk down and going for an early pin!  Steel throws him off and pounces, trapping Bolt in his modified guillotine hold!  Bolt manages to escape, but isn’t fast enough as Steel mounts him in a Schoolboy Pin.  Bolt struggles as Steel flexes, eventually pushing Steel off and escaping.  A Kimura arm lock has Bolt screaming in agony – in desperation he manages to stack Steel on his neck!

The two men separate, but there is no respite as both go right back in!  Steel takes Bolt down to the mat for a choking arm lock that has the smaller man crying out in pain!  Steel switches to a straight arm-bar, wrenching back hard on the arm, subjecting the hapless Bolt to even more pain!  Bolt is not unskilled himself though, and turns out of the hold, raining forearm blows down on Steel!  Again and again Bolt unleashes on Steel, but he goes to the well once too often – Steel blocks the blow and instead pulls Bolt down into the waiting vice of his legs!  Steel has one of the most devastatingly powerful sets of quads in the business and he loves to use them on his opponents – he’s even been known to render other wrestlers unconscious with them!  Bolt tries to escape, but there’s nowhere to go – Steel mercilessly crushes Bolt with the full power of his mighty legs, his quads quaking as he exerts immense pressure on Bolt’s head!  Bolt tries to hold out, but Steel’s powerful legs overwhelm him – Bolt is scissored out!

Steel is revelling in his victory, flexing over Bolt’s prone body.  Bolt comes round and trips Steel to the mat!  Sensing more punishment is needed, Steel drags Bolt up into a front chancery, his meaty forearm cutting off Bolt’s air!  Steel amps up the pain by converting the hold to a standing DRAGON SLEEPER!  Bolt is smothered out again, lifelessly sinking to the mat!  The match still isn’t over though as Bolt comes round again, wanting to continue.  Chicken wings, sleepers, chokes, near-pins and knock outs.  Multiple OTK backbreakers and a pulverising bearhug earn a frantic submission!  This is fast-paced mat wrestling at its best, all building up to a spine-warping torture rack finale!  Sure to be a classic, add this superstar match to your collection today!